Our Sauerkraut Process

Nova Kraut starts as a mixture of fresh, spray free and organic veggies, along with organic sea salt. The veggies are sliced thinly with a hand crank slicer, mixed with salt and packed into a fermentation bucket. Healthy bacteria begin to populate this mixture and break down the carbohydrates in the vegetables. During the 4-6 week, room temperature fermentation, gases from the bacteria are released through a one way valve. The kraut is then portioned into sterilized jars and stored in the refrigerator. The cold slows down bacterial activity and they essentially go to sleep.


Our Story

We are a small, family run farm on the North shore of Nova Scotia. 12 years ago we purchased our property and started developing our gardens. Around the same time, we were at a friend’s house and he pulled out a big jar of fermented vegetables for us to try. We were hooked. Read more →

Our Products

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Where to find Nova Kraut?

Alternatively, you can see the full list of stores and map here → Where to Find Nova Kraut?